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Computer Scientist with an extremely diverse skill-set and passion for emerging technologies. Experience in web-based applications including front and back-end development. Extensive programming experience in Java (OOP) and modern Web architectures (SPA, SOA, RWD, multi-paradigm languages).


2012-Nov 2016 ValdezM.com
Seattle, WA and San Francisco, CA
Freelance Software/Web/Mobile Development
  • Multiple Companies, Worked with 2 Founders to build: Pixel Tracking system for Analytics(Django, JS, JSON, Google Analytics), Django e-commerce platform(SOAP, Python, PosgreSQL), Intelligent Keyword Linker script for webpages(Django, multi-threaded Java, JSP, JS), Linux server administration(Ubuntu, Solr, MySQL, Apache, SSL), E-commerce Product API service(XML, REST, PHP), custom analytics reports for market assessment(XML, PHP), Membership/Dealer systems for e-commerce platform(JS, API), Payment and Shipping integrations(XML, APIs)
  • Devjoi.com, Founder, Software Development on demand, short period (JSPM, Rails, ES6)
  • Private, Ultra Low Latency in Android, an attempt to solve the 10ms. problem over WiFi for professional audio streaming(Android, Java, C, Linux, APIs, including: superpowered, Samsung Professional Audio, ALSA, libusb)
  • RFDesign, Developed a modern responsive site with principal designer for a non-profit(Boostrap, Less, Custom Wordpress, PHP)
  • World Vision(non-profit, FTE), Web Developer III, Worked on a 6 member scrum team, in-house, to redevelop the organization's underlying web page system to a modern responsive modular architecture. This involved creating a custom Drupal distribution that is extended from Panopoly(in-place page building, custom widgets), PHP, SASS, Twitter Bootstrap, MySQL, JS(Backbone, 3rd party APIs), A/B testing framework
  • Motive, Developed 3 responsive sites (Colvin + Hallett, Sands McKinley, Bromik) with principal designer(Custom WordPress modules, PHP, JS)
  • Private Startup, Prototype, WebRTC web application for real-time analytics(Node.js, REACTIVE)
  • WAC, Digitizing background checks(Chaplin, Mongo, Rails, SaSS, HAML, Coffeescript, Foundation)
  • VX Tech., Lead front-end development of a in-production single-page SaaS offering, “DataThor”, a social-media information analytics/data-visualization web application(Chaplin, SoC, Mongo, Jade, CoffeeScript, node.js, Brunch, D3, JSON)
  • Project “GS” focuses on RWD and data sourcing(on-going development: Foundation, Rails, Mongoid, Devise, Sass)
  • Koiros-Scribes is a responsive web application that employs a threaded-Java based Spider to scrape and extract data off the web based on a customized configuration which is then consumed as a RESTful service part of a larger data pipeline(Twitter Bootstrap, Rails, Mongo, Java, Tomcat, HTMLUnit)
  • Koiros.com, Intelligent Scheduler, I developed various solutions on the core D7 site and re-wrote the Scheduling System in Java(Drupal 7 custom modules, PHP, XML, MySQL, JSP, Tomcat)
  • mtuity (formerly M2Esoft), Project Apple focused on creating a MAM application for the Android OS based off an existing iOS offering(Enyo.js, node.js, Java, Cordova Phonegap, LawnChair, JSON, Javascript)
  • BoboGadget, The site was created by extending the MVC based e-commerce OpenCart stack(PHP, MySQL)
  • StopThoseCalls, This concept website was created on Rails offering user authentication(RoR, Devise+CanCan)
  • GunUp, Various projects involving Drupal Commerce, Apache Solr, MongoDB, RoR, RWD, jQuery

2012-Sept DataStax, Big Data Apache Cassandra company
San Mateo, CA
Support/Software Engineer
  • Helped resolve day-to-day operational JIRA tickets centered around DataStax Enterprise(DSE) and OpsCenter for hundreds of technology innovators
  • Developed tools such as Hector Launcher that increased productivity through the automation of environment and frequently performed Cassandra operations(Java)
  • Demonstrated aptitude to handle a diverse range of problems within a very complex domain that is inherent to Cassandra and the associated base supported technologies of DSE(Hadoop HDFS, Solr, Hive, PIG, Sqoop)

2011-2012 Gunup, Internet startup in social networks for gun enthusiast
Seattle, WA
Software Engineer, Web Applications
  • Employed various languages in an self-directed agile environment, centered around the companys Drupal website as demanded by the concurrent multiplicity of various projects and their associated diverse domains(Java, C#, XML)
  • Designed and developed a research tool add-on for Mozilla Firefox that could scan any webpage for real-time keywords and inject a link which deployed the information console for that term(jQuery, XML, PHP, CSS, JSON)
  • Designed and developed a news widget for the top Blog networks(Blogger, Wordpress, etc.) that required a single import statement which extended and incorporated any Blog to the Gunup infrastructure(jQuery, JSON, CSS, PHP)

  • Research Tool Information
    How To Install It - Video
    How To Use It - Video
    Firefox plugin link

2010 2011 bajoink.com, Internet startup in a localized deal-of-the-day website
Tacoma, WA
Co-founder, CTO, Web Developer
  • Designed and implemented company websites(Web 2.0 technologies: jQuery, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, various APIs)
  • Created many diverse innovative designs and parallel variant systems that served to only maximize user experience through a constant deployment of HCI practices and user-developmental methodologies such as use cases
  • Designed and administrated data employing best practices to ensure data integrity(ER diagrams, NF standards, UML)

2008 2010 Clover Park Technical College, Academic institution
Lakewood, WA
Faculty Member of Computer Science
  • Developed curriculum and instructed/lectured for 15 technical/university-transferable Computer Science courses. Lead the Database and Web Programming specialization certifications in the Computer Information Technology department
  • Courses (size 5-30) that I designed include: Relational Database Theory, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Client-side Web Programming (Javascript, AJAX), Server-side Web Programming (PHP, PERL), Intro to Object Oriented Programming, Operating Systems, Data Structures (Java), XML and Web Services, JSP and Servlets

2007 2008 Visible Technologies, Social media monitoring and analytics enterprise
Seattle, WA
Research Internship in Applied Theoretical Social Models
  • Analyzed existing metrics and developed new models for analysis which were implemented in the Trucast product for determining influential key figures in the Blogosphere. This involved using graph theory and ontological analysis for the development of new metrics and resultant algorithms(Java and SQL Server)
  • Developed analytics for the index and caching growth of some value-passing websites for SEO theory testing which resulted in greater understanding of link-farms and the inherent properties of Googles Pagerank metrics

2007 - 2008 University of Washington, Academic institution
Tacoma, WA
Continuing Education Division Web Programmer
  • Improved existing web design by reformatting data to conform to CSS model layout standards(HTML and JavaScript)
  • Developed tools for department data tabulation and access which increased productivity and decreased data redundancy in all facets of the organization
Discrete Mathematics Teacher Assistant
  • Demonstrated a proficiency in discrete mathematics

2005 - 2006 Green River Community College, Academic institution
Auburn, WA
ESOL Division Web Programmer
  • Reconstructed and updated their website to conform to W3C HTML standards which resulted in increased accessibility for the end user and greater visibility for the department.(HTML and JavaScript)
  • Created graphic designs in Adobe Photoshop for department branding with various advanced filter effects


2006 2010 University of Washington
Tacoma, WA
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Systems
  • National Science Foundation scholarship recipient
  • Commenced Graduate studies in Algorithms


    Programming Languages
  • Java(thread/JUnit), VB, C++, SQL, PERL, Scheme(LISP), C#(limited), Ruby

  • Web Languages/Concepts/CMS
  • Javascript, node.js, jQuery, Enyo.js, PHP, XML(XSLT/DTD/Schema), JSON, HTML/CSS, AJAX, JSP/Servlet, Rails, Drupal, Joomla!, OpenCart (MVC-PHP stack), HTML5, LawnChair, Backbone.js, Cordova/Phonegap

  • Mobile/Operating Systems/Development Environments
  • Android, Linux(LAMP/BASH scripting), Windows(DOS Batch scripting) / Eclipse, NetBeans(limited), VIM, EMACS

  • Big Data/DB/Source Control
  • MongoDB, Cassandra, Apache Solr , MySQL, SQL Server, (limited: Hadoop, Hive, PIG, Sqoop) / SVN, GIT

  • Academics & Theory
  • Advanced C++, Advanced Java, Design and Analysis of Algorithms and Data Structures in Java, OO Development Methodologies, Functional and Dynamic Language Comparison, Advanced Topics in Data Compression, Graduate Studies in Formal Models of Computation, Concurrency in Computation and Social Networks, CS Education Studies

Mark Valdez


Computer Scientist with an extremely diverse skill-set and passion for emerging technologies. Experience in web-based applications including front and back-end development. Extensive programming experience in Java (OOP) and modern Web architectures (SPA, SOA, RWD, multi-paradigm languages).

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